Life In 5th Grade

5th grade is very fun you have less recess time though I know you might be shocked by that but you have to get your work done before switch. You have around 1 hour in each class you have 5 periods in 5th grade.By the way you have enhancements right before lunch,well I haven’t gotten to the teachers yet.Ok let’s talk about Mr.Mcbride you might see him outside he LOVES the outside as much as we do,Mrs.Mcfall is the Social Studies teacher . She will tell you about american history and much more.Mrs Owens teaches reading she is probably the best reading teacher ever ,Mrs Ummel teaches math/English Language Art. You might think that 5th grade is scary trust me its not.Once you get the hang of 5th grade it’s easy. So don’t be scared about 5th grade its fun.So if you think 4th grade is fun trust me it’s AMAZING so hope you like 5th grade as much as I┬ádo.

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