2019 Goals

My 2019 goals is to improve reading. I already love to read, it’s stuff that i do in my free time, on the bus,in the bus line,and so on I just enjoy it. My favorite series is Diary of A Wimpy Kid because it tells a story about another kids life. Plus it kinda looks like he wrote in a diary. Thats why its amazing and I enjoy reading it. I want to learn about light energy a bit more in science we are already learning about it but I still want to know more. Also learn about the American Revolution and how did this country become the United States of America. I think it a really good country to live in. Its cool that in 5th grade science that you learn about a lot of cool stuff like sound energy and light energy but I want to learn about the solar system. I want to know how did scientist figure out how to find all the planets and how they made up their names. I really want to learn how to divide fractions they say it’s easy but we will see. Also its cool that in reading you learn about theme but i just don’t get it that well. Oh and text features that’s pretty hard for me, but i do it anyways. I do math well and I do alot of it when it comes to homework I don’t get that much but when it do its a piece of cake. History is a big part of what I wanna learn about but when we do i’ll be all about it.

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